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After years of working in the theater and being a published author of novels, I always knew I wanted to venture into the world of filmmaking. Starting with this story that I saw as a love letter to my mother felt like the correct way to dip my toe into the pool. Only I did more than dip - I jumped into the deep end and I loved it! I was extremely lucky to surround myself with professionals who knew their craft and believed in this project so deeply. I was moved beyond words by the feedback I received from so many of what the experience meant to them…many saying it was more than 'just another job." Filmmaking is a collaboration and I am well aware this film would never have turned into what it did without the amazing people we assembled to work on it. Grateful is an understatement. I was actually in awe that my small story touched them in such a big way while we made our family film. Either it was the fact we had so many 'moms' and "sons" working on this film or that some involved had been touched by addiction at some point in their lives. The film became a therapeutic and cathartic experience for many and that is something I know I will cherish forever.


As a young man lays dying, his anger, addiction, and resentment is forced to the surface as his mother displays the depths to which she'll go for the love of a child.

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Mother Short Film

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